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I’m going to try to set up most of my forward tests with a typical entry-level capital of 5000 or 10000 USD and with a 1:100 leverage. I’m mostly using JadeFX for testing because they used to be my live broker. Do NOT consider this as a recommendation, it’s simply my choice. As a side note, when I’ll have to choose again, I’ll probably choose a different broker, one that has 0.01 lot increments, allowing a much more in-depth money management.

My forward tests are only for EAs that I consider worthy of a forward test, displaying at least the slightest bit of potential. However, I’m wrong in many cases and the forward test is a failure. If one of the statements below ceases to be updated, it’s because I considered that the attached EA was not profitable. I will do that whenever an account reaches between 20-30% drawdown, assuming that I was able to start it using a very low risk (typically I’ll go for 5%, up to a maximum of 10%).

For an easier overview, I will strive to keep an updated list here, in addition to the link attached to each relevant review.

Edit 06.01.2010: since JadeFX seems to be closing the demo accounts exceeding a certain age (perhaps 60 days?) once every few months, I’m most likely going to set up the demos somewhere else in the future. I was very busy at the time the demos were closed, so I had to restart them on JadeFX again, but next time this happens I will definitely jump ship. In the meantime, I also closed my JadeFX live account (due to slippage problems… it’s almost like the feed has quotes with no liquidity behind and the behavior was confirmed by others, even when trading from the Jade VPS with 1ms ping).


The first Euronis forward test was running on JadeFX from 16.10.2009 until 11.12.2009 on the following pairs and timeframes:

  • EURCHF M15, using default settings, LotsPercent 5, MaxLotsPercent 5
  • EURGBP M15, using default settings, LotsPercent 5, MaxLotsPercent 5
  • EURCAD M15, using default settings, LotsPercent 5, MaxLotsPercent 5

Changed on 26.10.2009 as follows:

  • EURCHF M15, low settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 20
  • EURGBP M15, low settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 20
  • EURCAD M15, cross-over settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 10
  • EURCAD M15, low settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 20
  • GBPCHF M15, cross-over settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 10

The second Euronis forward test was started on JadeFX on 11.12.2009 using the settings above and v4160. On 06.01.2010, it was upgraded to v4200, using the same settings with the following addition:

  • GBPCHF M15, cross-over settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 20

Edit 06.01.2010: added close date for the first Euronis forward test. Added second Euronis forward test. Upgraded to Euronis v4200.
Edit 30.10.2009: changed EURCAD from cross-over mode to normal mode and increased MaxLotsPercent to 20. The change is due to the fact that the JadeFX EURCAD spreads in the Asian session seem to be lower than the crossover spreads, despite being higher outside the Asian session and on average.
Edit 02.11.2009: GBPCHF removed due to lot sizing issues, see the Euronis review comments.


Edit 19.02.2009: removed all old versions. Not only are they not available anymore, but also the new version is quite different, making them irrelevant.

The CashDNA Neutrino v4 forward test is running on Alpari UK since 30.11.2009 using the default settings (5% risk) on the following pairs:


Finally, FXiGoR has a forward test set up on 02.09.2009, running the latest version.


The first Caspian EA forward test was running on JadeFX from 01.10.2009 until 11.12.2009 with the default settings and Risk set to 5, on the following currency pairs and timeframes:

  • EURGBP M15
  • EURCHF M15

The second Caspian EA forward test is running on JadeFX since 11.12.2009 using the settings detailed above.

Edit 04.11.2009: removed EURCHF M5 due to poor overall EURCHF results.

Edit 06.01.2010: added second Caspian forward test, mentioned closing date on the first.

Sir Lancelot

The Sir Lancelot v6 forward test is running on Alpari UK since 26.11.2009 on the following pairs and timeframes:

  • EURUSD H1, default settings, money management enabled, 2%
  • USDCHF H1, default settings, money management enabled, 2%
  • #1 written by birt October 16, 2009 (7 years ago)

    Added Euronis forward test.

  • #2 written by Michael October 20, 2009 (7 years ago)

    I took a look at your Euronis forward test results at myfxbook. The trade history, however, lists EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCAD trades only. Can you please tell me why? The Euronis forward test is supposed to run on EURCAD, EURCHF, and EURGBP, instead?

    By the way, your blog fast becomes my favorite EA review site. Keep up the good work!

  • #3 written by birt October 20, 2009 (7 years ago)

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I updated the Euronis review yesterday – the trades listed in the forward tests are on those currencies because it’s in Cross Over Move. Basically, for example, it takes a signal from EURGBP and opens positions on EURUSD and GBPUSD in a hedged mode. At first I thought it’s not a good thing to do, but it turned a decent profit after the first night of operation. Anyway, it certainly won’t use EURGBP and EURCAD to trade them the way I backtested it.

  • #4 written by FXiGoR November 1, 2009 (7 years ago)

    I see that you deleted some valuable information about my forward test. You wrote beside my forward test that I was trading the CashDNA v.9 (version 9).
    Why did you deleet that ?…because it would show to much difference between your version and my version? or that people would see your forward test as less valuable if I am trading a version 9 and you are still sitting on a version 3 ?…
    Fact that you first mensioned that information and suddenly deleted that information means that you suddenly realized that some information should not be given to the people who read your information

  • #5 written by birt November 1, 2009 (7 years ago)

    Not at all, I just didn’t want to provide misleading info. I removed it due to two reasons:
    1. If I’m not somehow mistaken, the new CashDNA has a name tag and no longer has a version number attached, which was basically why I removed it in the first place.
    2. I have no control over what version you are running and I have no desire to edit the page every time you update the version. I’ll just edit it to mention that it’s running the latest version, which it probably is.

    By the way, just as I predicted, that v3 forward test had a very nice comeback.

  • #6 written by Michael November 2, 2009 (7 years ago)

    I am afraid, but the link above “•GBPCHF M15, cross-over settings, LotsPercent 10, MaxLotsPercent 10” is not working. Please!

  • #7 written by birt November 2, 2009 (7 years ago)

    It wasn’t supposed to be a link. I meant to click the strikethrough button because I removed that pair from the forward test, but it seems that I accidentally clicked the link button instead. Thanks for noticing it, I corrected it.

  • #8 written by Michael November 2, 2009 (7 years ago)

    As to Euronis settings, CET trade time seems to be incorrect on JadeFX charts, with the DST changes in the United States . To be honest, the whole concept of using CET is confusing at best. I adjusted UseAutoTimeSettings to “false”, TimeZone to “1”, and SWChangeMode to “2”. This arrangement seems to be doing the trick, displaying correct CET. Any advice on this arrangement?

    I hate to keep bothering the EA’s author for this and that. That is because I haven’t paid him a dime yet for his demo version of EA or his product support. Unlike many EA vendors, he is not charging any money for use of demo trial version. To me, this indicates the author stands by his product.

  • #9 written by birt November 2, 2009 (7 years ago)

    If it’s the correct CET offset that way, I suggest leaving it like that.

  • #10 written by birt November 3, 2009 (7 years ago)

    I also switched the Euronis forward test to TimeZone 1 & SWChangeMode 2 today. I can confirm that the CET time on the chart is correct now.

  • #11 written by Michael November 3, 2009 (7 years ago)

    Why do you think Euronis uses CET trade time, rather than GMT? I know the EA has a Russian origin. But, with DST changes and all that….

    The author must be able to code GMT trade time properly, given the sophistication of “Time options” provided. Can you think of any benefit from applying the CET at all, anyway? Was the EA intended for mostly Russian users at the beginning, I wonder?

  • #12 written by birt November 4, 2009 (7 years ago)

    Honestly, I have no clue whatsoever. Russia isn’t even using CET.

  • #13 written by Michael December 1, 2009 (7 years ago)

    I learned that STP broker like JadeFX charges commissions.

    Exactly when does JadeFX charge commission? Is balance on your forward tests with JadeFX before or after commissions?

  • #14 written by birt December 1, 2009 (7 years ago)

    You are right, most STP brokers charge a commission. This commission is typically charged when opening the trade. In the case of JadeFX, it’s $5 per lot round-trip (total open position & close) which translates to 0.5 pips per trade. It typically varies between 0.3 pips to 1.0 pips depending on broker.

    The balance on all the forward tests running on JadeFX includes the commissions, they are calculated in the profit of each trade, but unfortunately myfxbook doesn’t show these values.

  • #15 written by datou.wawa January 19, 2010 (7 years ago)

    impressive birt! you uploaded the latest version of cashDNA_netrino!

  • #16 written by jackie5 June 27, 2010 (6 years ago)

    Birt, I see the Euronis 2nd forward test data ends in March, 2010. Are you still forward testing this EA? Are recent results available? Thanks for your terrific site.

    • #17 written by birt June 28, 2010 (6 years ago)

      I stopped all forward tests back then. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time for it.

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