Products and Subscriptions

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    • The Monthly plan consists of one license key plus one month subscription. The purchase price is 89 EUR (first payment) followed by a 9.9 EUR/month (starting with the second month) recurring charge for support and updates.
    • The Yearly plan consists of one license key plus one year subscription. The purchase price is 174 EUR (first payment) followed by a 94.9 EUR/year (starting with the second year) recurring charge for support and updates
    • The Lifetime plan consists of one license key plus lifetime support and updates. The purchase price is 449 EUR. There are no recurring charges.
    • Each license plan includes a single license key that can be used on a single computer with a subscription plan valid exclusively for that license key.
    • The monthly subscription entitles your license to premium support and updates. To get an idea about what is planned as updates, please visit the planned features list. You can also take a look at the changelog if you’re interested in the update history.
    • Of course, the subscription is not mandatory and you can cancel it at any time. If you cancel your subscription you can still use the Tick Data Suite but:

–  You will no longer be able to update your Tick Data Suite installation to new versions that are released after the last date covered by your support plan.

– You won’t be able to use the Tick Data Suite with new MT4 builds that are released after the last date covered by your support plan.

– You will no longer have access to technical support.

– You will no longer be able to use the download servers. This means that your Dukascopy downloads will be slower (the mirror will not be used anymore) and you will no longer be able to download at all from tick data sources hosted by such as TrueFx, FxOpen and Darwinex.

– Other than the limitations of the previous point, you will still be able to download new tick data (assuming the tick data providers don’t change things) and use it with MT4 builds that were released prior to your support plan ending.

    • Yes, you can change your subscription at any point. Please contact support for more information
    • If you already have an active subscription, please cancel it before purchasing an update package to avoid double billing.

Subscriptions cannot be paused. You can cancel your subscription and purchase an update package when you would like to resume.

There are several ways to cancel a subscription:

  • If you have the Tick Data Suite installed, run the Tick Data Suite support assistant from your Start menu then click the Cancel button in the License tab.
  • Navigate to the Cancel subscription page, enter your license key then click the Cancel subscription button.
  • Should you wish to manually cancel the subscription yourself, we offer step-by-step instructions in the support article I would like to cancel my subscription
  • Finally, we can also initiate the cancellation process on your behalf – just contact support, be sure to fill in the license key field and request a cancellation.

You can resume your subscription at any point. We have several update packages available (monthly, yearly or lifetime). To purchase an update package simply open a support ticket and we will provide the relevant links and instructions.

    • If your subscription has expired due to a payment issue more than 7 days ago or if it was cancelled manually, there is a 25 EUR surcharge included in the update package price.
    • If your subscription was set to renew automatically and has expired less than 7 days ago due to a payment issue, you can resume at the same price. Please contact support for a discount coupon.
    • Group purchases are not allowed, neither is sharing subscriptions. All license keys purchased are meant for the exclusive use of the original buyer. A license key used by someone else other than the original buyer consitutes a violation of the End User License Agreement and will lead to the license key being permanently disabled.
    • Each user must have their own subscription. Sharing subscriptions is a violation of the End User License Agreement. All license keys covered by a shared subscription will be permanently disabled without prior notice.
    • If you are a group of more than 5 people interested in purchasing lifetime licenses, please contact support.

All license and update packages come with an associated subscription. The subscription is not mandatory and can be cancelled at any time. Please see the I would like to cancel my subscription article or contact support for more information.

    • Tick Data Suite has a 14 day full featured trial so that you can test the product on your particular setup. As such, we can offer a refund during the first 14 days from purchase only if the license key/s has/have not been activated. A 5% processing fee will be deducted from the amount paid.
    • If you have a discount code you must use it while placing your order. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if you forget to use the code, nor can we offer a partial refund for the difference.
    • Please keep in mind the monthly and yearly license packages have an associated subscription. The agreed upon subscription fee will be charged in advance to the payment method on file on a recurring monthly/yearly basis until cancelled. Cancellations must take place 24 hours before next payment is scheduled to avoid further charges. Auto-renew can be cancelled anytime in your account on the retailer’s website (2Checkout or MyCommerce/ShareIt, depending on your purchase), by using the “Cancel Subscription” button in the Tick Data Suite support assistant (v. 2.4.41 and above) or by emailing support before the payment due date. Once cancelled, you will continue to have access until the last day in your current billing cycle. We cannot offer any kind of refunds or credits for subscription charges, including but not limited to partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.
    • Since support is offered as part of a subscription, you will need to purchase an update package to restore your subscription if you require technical assistance.
    • We offer assistance with subscription or payment related issues to anyone, but please keep in mind all our payments are processed by our partners at Verifone or MyCommerce and the help we can offer is very limited since we do not have access to much of the information (such as why your payment was denied).
    • You can also search our free knowledge base for a solution related to your problem.

General Questions

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    • The Tick Data Suite works with all Microsoft Windows operating systems that are currently supported by Microsoft (except ARM/ARM64 versions, please see the FAQ entry about this for more information).
    • The following operating systems are not supported:

– Windows 7

– Windows XP x86

– Windows XP x64

– Windows Server 2003 x86

– Windows Server 2003 x64

– Windows Server 2008

– Windows Vista

– Any Windows OS released prior to 2001

– Any non-Windows OS, such as OS X or any other OS derived from Linux, BSD or UNIX

As a rule of the thumb, if Microsoft is not supporting your Windows version anymore, Tick Data Suite is not supported on it either.

    • Windows versions that work with the Tick Data Suite but are not supported:

– Windows 7

– Windows Server 2008

– Windows Vista

The Tick Data Suite has been tested on the above operating systems and found to be working, although it’s important to note that these operating systems are not part of the rigorous testing undergone by each release. However, even though it may work, please be aware that should you choose to run it on any of the above operating systems, you are entirely on your own and must find your own solutions for any problems you may encounter.

No. Due to the way the Windows emulation layer works when running x86/x64 applications (such as MT4) on ARM/ARM64 CPUs, the Tick Data Suite cannot integrate with MT4 when running in such an environment.

    • Each Tick Data Suite license is valid for a single machine, be it physical or virtual. If you need to run it on multiple machines at the same time, you will need one license for each of them
    • Each license will require its own subscription plan.

You can activate a single trial per person. We reserve the right to disable any trials we deem as suspicious.

The Tick Data Suite does not integrate with MT5 and currently there are no plans to integrate it. However, the tick data can be exported from TDS and imported in MT5.

    • Retail licenses have no restrictions and if you purchase a retail license you will be able to use it in any virtual environment.
    • Due to numerous abuse attempts, trial license usage is restricted in virtual environments. Please use the Tick Data Suite trial on your regular PC, it should be sufficient to test the product capabilities.

If you you want to move your license key to a different computer that’s easily possible but not more often than once every 7 days. For more information about this, please read the support article Moving the Tick Data Suite license to a different computer.