Download free tick data

Acquire free historical tick data for Forex and CFD symbols from multiple quality sources.

Centralized storage

Store all your tick data in a single location, manage it in one place yet have it ready to use across all your terminals.

Backtest & export

Run accurate backtests directly without manually handling files. Access all advanced settings easily. Export the data to any trading platform.

Why Tick Data?

Metatrader 4 backtesting uses prices that are randomly generated from bar data. By a process of interpolation, it uses the bar price data together with the tick count to generate the prices for each bar so that they start at the bar open price, touch the bar high and low, ending at the close price. If a position has both its SL and its TP within a bar's price range, it's a coin toss whether it will hit stop/loss or take profit.

With the Tick Data Suite, actual price ticks are used. Nothing is left to chance - your backtests will use the prices that were historically traded and recorded tick by tick, oftentimes more than once per second.

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

Advanced configuration at your fingertips

Ever wanted to change the backtest leverage?
Or perhaps the minimum lot, the commission or the stopout?
How about the GMT offset or the daylight saving time configuration?
With the Tick Data Suite, it is now possible to configure all the above and more: swaps, stop levels, margin details, you name it - TDS has it.

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