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This page is meant to help everyone find and follow the live results of the best Forex robot that suits their trading style. The performances are analyzed and indexed in a way that permits the best trading system to make it to the top of the chart in a reasonable length of time – please see the details below the table for more information. All expert advisors on this page are running on live accounts.

SystemWeeks in testTotal gainClosed pipsMonthly returnRisk reward ratioWinning tradesMax closed drawdownMax drawdown (incl. floating)Max floating drawdown pipsAverage trades per dayProfit factorBirt's indexBalance chart
FX Flash8567.03%2215.32.60%4.79:186.63%11.56%11.56% Flash
Forex Invest Bot142196.01%10548.03.32%0.97:158.08%34.89%34.89% Invest Bot
Forex Real Profit EA - PFX127104.57%6032.82.38%2.57:177.56%16.63%16.63%558.76.741.350.86Forex Real Profit EA - PFX
Easy Walker FX1519.70%5237.05.20%2.10:175.30%14.55%16.14%730.04.311.450.77Easy Walker FX
Million Dollar Pips EURUSD161532.57%4011.14.88%0.66:148.04%46.36%46.36%141.73.461.400.75Million Dollar Pips EURUSD
Note: this EA requires special broker conditions.
FX Capitalist7220.63%393.80.92%0.32:133.75%8.48%8.48%12.40.661.580.63FX Capitalist
Note: this EA requires special broker conditions.
Forex Robin VOL11320.05%1784.10.69%0.62:142.47%13.53%13.53%163.91.311.190.57Forex Robin VOL
FAP Turbo13876.45%3937.11.77%6.68:190.14%27.00%27.00%146.83.881.370.52FAP Turbo
Million Dollar Pips USDJPY154371.19%2037.14.40%0.66:144.96%58.13%58.13%115.41.751.240.48Million Dollar Pips USDJPY
Note: this EA requires special broker conditions.
Forex Megabot20641.93%-102.00.71%3.02:163.64%14.84%14.84% Megabot
Hyper EA Pro11133.10%1447.41.11%1.98:175.44%12.23%12.23% EA Pro
Forex Megadroid9213.45%1013.50.39%2.82:189.88%5.16%5.16%112.60.703.150.30Forex Megadroid
Hyper EA14722.17%325.30.58%1.55:174.73%6.13%6.13% EA
Keltner Pro101.51%37549.00.62%0.56:149.56%2.17%4.78%6764.06.471.750.25Keltner Pro
Forex Combo System16328.74%3207.10.67%1.59:163.76%30.73%30.73%243.22.511.110.18Forex Combo System
Two Percent Daily15324.75%1564.70.62%2.87:183.38%13.52%13.52%301.20.901.750.16Two Percent Daily
PhiBase Synergy13815.76%2450.90.46%0.70:144.96%27.67%27.67%813.30.721.160.09PhiBase Synergy
Smart FX Breakout Hunter15311.52%951.70.30%2.30:172.21%9.66%9.66%260.81.531.130.05Smart FX Breakout Hunter
Forex Combo System EURUSD21126.43%-304.00.48%1.57:157.40%31.82%31.82% Combo System EURUSD
Forex Growth Bot19318.40%1242.00.37%0.55:136.51%36.19%36.19%336.01.581.040.04Forex Growth Bot
FX Monetizer171.41%5017.00.34%0.41:136.84%1.04%2.27%722.00.861.420.03FX Monetizer
Volatility Factor1306.67%1892.60.21%2.61:174.15%17.12%17.12%1768.83.641.10-0.07Volatility Factor
Joker EA854.45%162.20.22%3.59:178.59%11.71%11.71%167.00.731.02-0.09Joker EA
Note: this EA requires special broker conditions.
Smart FX Master Scalper1525.10%4978.40.14%2.20:171.80%24.23%24.23%234.15.381.16-0.16Smart FX Master Scalper
Forex Combo System GBPUSD1844.74%401.00.11%1.45:160.33%25.79%25.79%260.00.591.05-0.22Forex Combo System GBPUSD
Wallstreet Forex Robot1821.82%493.00.04%2.48:171.44%40.19%40.19% Forex Robot
Steady Growth149-2.04%-202.2-0.05%0.51:133.11%3.25%3.25%148.80.400.97-0.41Steady Growth
PhiBase Ray Scalper88-7.39%-6.5-0.37%2.36:170.03%18.50%18.50%170.80.850.99-0.74PhiBase Ray Scalper
Million Dollar Pips GBPUSD154-25.56%-105.4-0.82%0.76:142.70%48.13%48.13%213.92.620.98-1.31Million Dollar Pips GBPUSD
Note: this EA requires special broker conditions.

Brief description of the column headings

    • Weeks in test – self explanatory.
    • Total gain – the total amount gained calculated in relation to the sum of the deposits (in most cases, it’ll be just the initial deposit).
    • Closed pips – the total number of pips realized by all the trades that were closed. Please note that this does not include the number of floating pips that might be the result of any open trades.
    • Monthly return – the monthly return figure calculated by Myfxbook.
    • Risk reward ratio – calculated by dividing the average losing trade by the average winning trade.
    • Winning trades – the percent of trades with a positive outcome.
    • Max closed drawdown – the maximum “realized” drawdown, meaning the largest drawdown ever encountered during the account lifetime. Please note that this does not take equity into account, so “unrealized” drawdowns from floating profits are not taken into account here. Basically, it’s the drawdown calculated by Myfxbook as the largest difference between a balance peak and the lowest following bottom.
    • Max drawdown (incl. floating) – unlike the closed drawdown above, this also includes floating (unrealized) drawdowns so in some cases it will be larger than its counterpart, especially for grid, martingale and hold-and-pray EAs.
    • Max floating drawdown pips – the maximum recorded value of floating negative profit, in pips.
    • Average trades per day – the number of average trades per day. Naturally, the calculation only includes trading days, the weekends are excluded.
    • Profit factor – the sum of all positive trades divided by the sum of all negative trades. A profit factor below 1 means the system is not currently profitable which should also be easily visible from the other stats.
    • Birt’s index – a performance index of my own based on a Sortino Ratio calculated on a weekly period, but also factoring the system lifetime and the floating drawdown. More details about its calculation are available. Please note that it’s a work in progress and it’s likely to change as time passes and its potential flaws are observed.
    • Balance chart – this one is pretty obvious.

Update frequency

The system details are updated about once every 30 minutes. The balance chart images and the Birt’s index figures are updated 4 times per day.

General info

This page is designed to continuously grow and list a wide array of expert advisors together with signal services. There are no limitations to the systems that will make it here. Even if an EA is on my No Review List it might still show up here. I recommend doing your due diligence before purchasing any systems that have not been fully reviewed.

As a general rule, I will stop systems that reach a drawdown in excess of 50% but I might make exceptions and stop them earlier or later depending on other factors.

To have an even ground, I am attempting to target a 5% monthly return and a maximum of 20% as drawdown for each system, but that’s mostly guesswork and it will surely vary wildly.

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    I need to buy fapturbo.
    any one using now??these days

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