eareview.net is operated by Thinkberry SRL, a company established under the laws of Romania and the European Union.

The company mission is to offer top quality tick data backtesting tools and premium customer support, empowering the users to accurately evaluate trading strategies. At the same time, the company is set to extend the product range and add new features to the existing products.

The activity is currently focused exclusively on the in-house software products.

Birt is a seasoned programmer that became interested in the Forex market in 2001 and started dabbling in Forex trading back in 2003.

Birt is experienced with all sorts of programming ranging from low level things such as assembler or C to object-oriented languages such as Java or C#. Having gained a lot of experience in financial technology over the years, his portfolio includes projects ranging from advanced MQL code integrations to FIX bridging, automatic trading API design and integration, neural networks, big data analytics and many others. Prior to migrating to financial technology, he used to be a game programmer.

As its name implies, eareview.net was originally a review site for MT4 expert advisors. Most of these reviews are still available but no longer maintained.

Founded in 2008 as a resource that was meant to point a finger at products and vendors that were looking to cheat the customer, it evolved into a website that attempted to test and review noteworthy expert advisors with a good profit potential using an affiliate business model.

Ever since its inception, eareview.net has offered in-depth accurate backtests using tick data, tests that were meant to expose the real behavior of an EA when traded on a live account. This resulted in the creation of a tick data backtesting toolchain that would assist with the reviews.

The toolset was eventually published for free in 2009 and it quickly gained popularity, but it was cumbersome to use and offering support for it turned out to be almost a full-time job. Eventually it became apparent that this was not an activity that could be offered as a free service perpetually, which lead to the birth of the Tick Data Suite in 2011, a commercial product that would be more user friendly and would include premium-quality support.

Forex product reviews were gradually discontinued during 2014-2015 and in 2017 the website was relaunched, centered around the software products instead of the reviews.

The Tick Data Suite was originally meant as a product that would only enable tick data backtesting in Metatrader 4. A series of helper scripts that would assist with data downloading and processing was made available for free, as a companion product.

Since 2011, the Tick Data Suite evolved from a product that almost required a computer degree to operate, involving several scripts and complex procedures for processing the tick data into files readable by Metatrader 4, to the fully integrated solution that you see today.