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Tick Data Manager

Download historical tick data for Forex, stocks and CFD symbols from multiple quality sources.

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Centralized storage

Keep all your tick data in a single location.

Huge space saving

Proprietary compression format that is half the size of .zip and up to 15 times smaller than .csv

Multithread processing

Multithreading is used to process data, taking advantage of the processing power of modern CPUs.

Price spike filtering

Configurable price spike filtering identifies and eliminates incorrect price fluctuations.

Customized downloads

Modify the start and end dates to meet your requirements.

Export data

Export tick and bar data for use in MT5, Ninjatrader or any other custom format.

Download 20 years worth of data per symbol in under 10 minutes.

Tick Data Manager Premium

Just €9.9 per month for access to exclusive features!

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Exclusive data

Get access to subscription exclusive data from TrueFx, FxOpen and Darwinex.

SSD based CDN

Download data up to 10 times faster, regardless of your location.

Import data

Import any data from other sources.

Command line

Automate your downloads, imports and exports using command line.

Backtesting in MT4?

We have the perfect solution:

Tick Data Suite

integrates seamlessly with MT4 allowing your backtests to have 99% modeling quality with just one click. Tick Data Manager Premium is included.

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Tick Data Manager


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Need more information?

Visit our general FAQ

    • The Tick Data Suite works with all Microsoft Windows operating systems that are currently supported by Microsoft (except ARM/ARM64 versions, please see the FAQ entry about this for more information).
    • The following operating systems are not supported:

– Windows 7

– Windows XP x86

– Windows XP x64

– Windows Server 2003 x86

– Windows Server 2003 x64

– Windows Server 2008

– Windows Vista

– Any Windows OS released prior to 2001

– Any non-Windows OS, such as OS X or any other OS derived from Linux, BSD or UNIX

As a rule of the thumb, if Microsoft is not supporting your Windows version anymore, Tick Data Suite is not supported on it either.

    • Windows versions that work with the Tick Data Suite but are not supported:

– Windows 7

– Windows Server 2008

– Windows Vista

The Tick Data Suite has been tested on the above operating systems and found to be working, although it’s important to note that these operating systems are not part of the rigorous testing undergone by each release. However, even though it may work, please be aware that should you choose to run it on any of the above operating systems, you are entirely on your own and must find your own solutions for any problems you may encounter.

The Tick Data Manager Premium subscription offers you access to:

      • download data from our content delivery network more than 10 times faster compared to the free version and up to 50 times faster compared to other downloaders.
      • download and export tick data from Darwinex, FXOpen, TrueFx
      • use command line to easily automate downloads, imports and exports
      • import data you already have from other sources
      • access to our premium-grade support

If you cancel your subscription, Tick Data Manager will revert to the free option, which means:

      • you will download data directly from the broker servers
      • you will not be able to download or access any data already downloaded from Darwinex, FxOpen and TrueFx
      • you will no longer be able to use command line parameters.
      • you will not have access to support
      • you will not be able to import new data or use any previously imported data

    • Tick Data Manager Free offers you access to tick data from Dukascopy, Alpari (ECN1, MT5, Nano, ProECN, Standard1, Standar2, Standard3), Histdata.com, FXCM, Bitcoincharts, Rannforex.
    • Tick Data Manager Premium: all the free data + TrueFx, FxOpen and Darwinex.

    • All tick data is as recorded and provided by the respective broker. We do not own or sell the tick data nor do we assume any responsibility regarding the accuracy or availability of the data.
    • With Tick Data Manager Free you will download data directly from the broker servers for Alpari, Histdata, FXCM, Bitcoincharts, Rannforex and from our European servers for Dukascopy.
    • With Tick Data Manager Premium you will get access to our content delivery network which means you will be connected to the closest local source with a significant speed increase. TrueFx, Darwinex and FxOpen data can only be downloaded via CDN.

    • Both Free and Premium license keys are valid for a single machine. If you’d like to use the Tick Data Manager on multiple computers you will need one license for each machine.