In order to initiate the cancellation of the subscription associated with your license, please enter the license key below and click the Cancel Subscription button.


License key:


If you misplaced your license key, there are several ways to locate it:

  • If you have the Tick Data Suite installed using your retail license, you can run the Tick Data Suite support assistant from your Start menu and inspect the License tab.
  • You can look for an email sent from the domain (either or with the subject “Your Tick Data Suite purchase”. For example, a search string for Gmail would be: subject:”Your Tick Data Suite purchase”
  • If you can’t find the purchase email, look for email replies to any support tickets you may have opened (messages from; once you find such an email, click the ticket URL and inspect the License key field located in the top right quarter of the page.

If you can’t find your license key using the indications above, you can contact support using the email address associated with your license and request a cancellation. Due to privacy concerns, if you contact us using a different email address we cannot provide your license key or operate the cancellation for you; additionally, we may request a confirmation if the license key is not specified. As an alternative, you can provide your purchase receipt or order number.

If you prefer to cancel the subscription on your own please take a look at the support article I would like to cancel my subscription which provides step-by-step instructions.