Exporting tick data using command line options

If you find yourself frequently exporting tick data, you'll be glad to hear that it is now possible to automate it using shortcut parameters or batch files.

This article describes the command line export syntax in detail.

New exotic bar types, command line export, search and more

Tick Data Suite v2.2.41 beta adds quite a few new features: search & filter capabilities, more Renko bar types, range bars, tick bars, command line tick data export, shifting H4 and D1 bars, new export fields and so on.

New Tick Data Suite licensing and pricing policy

Starting with the 1st of April 2021, we will slightly change our licensing model and our pricing policy.
The most noteworthy change in pricing is that the prices will now be expressed in EUR instead of USD.
When it comes to licensing, we will no longer offer the option to have several personal licenses sharing the same subscription. Instead, each license will have to have its own subscription.

Change of business structure

The Tick Data Suite and the eareview.net website are being transitioned to a different business organization.

This process does not affect the software users or the website visitors in any tangible way.

Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2020 SALE

The 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional campaign brings discounts for new licenses as well as for subscription upgrades, renewal and additional licenses.

Renko bar backtesting

Tick Data Suite v2.2.31 beta makes Renko bar backtesting available with only a few clicks. Additionally, TrueFx recently changed their website and removed some old data; downloading TrueFx data is now possible once more from a mirror server but only with an active subscription.

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Discount 2019

The Tick Data Suite is available with a 15% discount for the 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Bar data export and Spanish version

The new Tick Data Suite beta adds a Spanish version and functionality for exporting bar data plus saving and loading the export configuration.

Darwinex tick data

The new Tick Data Suite beta (v2.2.26, released 28.03.2019) adds the ability to download Darwinex tick data from an eareview.net server exclusively available to users with an active subscription.