FxOpen tick data now available in TDS

Tick Data Suite v2.2.23 beta offers the possibility to download FxOpen tick data from an eareview.net server exclusively available to users with an active subscription.

2018 winter holidays discount

A 10% discount is available for the Tick Data Suite during the 2018 winter holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount 2018

The Tick Data Suite is available with a 15% discount for the 2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Fast Dukascopy downloading once more

Dukascopy is now enforcing download speed limitations but Tick Data Suite v2.2.19 greatly boosts the download speed for Dukascopy tick data by using a mirror server. This server is only available to users with an active subscription.

Dukascopy download rate limit

Dukascopy is now enforcing rate limitations that the new Tick Data Suite version abides by. Additionally, the new version adds compatibility with MT4 build 1127 which is now available from some brokers.

More Tick Data Suite features

2.2.16 is a Tick Data Suite beta version that brings a lot of new translations (Russian, German, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Czech and Slovak) and downloading tick data from the Rannforex repository, in addition to several fixes and minor improvements. This version almost included downloading tick data from the Gain Capital (forex.com) repository but due to several issues in their storage scheme the feature was scrapped for the time being, at least until they put some order in their data.

Tick Data Suite internationalization and other improvements

The new Tick Data Suite version marks the beginning of its internationalization and brings Italian, Hungarian and Romanian translations. A whole host of other improvements and speed optimizations has been implemented alongside the download of multiple new instruments including a lot of cryptocurrency symbols.

Winter 2017 holiday discount

Special Tick Data Suite offer: 15% discount during the 2017 winter holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale

Save 20% when purchasing a Tick Data Suite license!