This article is obsolete and no longer maintained.
Trading style: volatility-based entry with a trailing stop and a dynamic stop loss.
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: M15
Price: $127
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: yes
Refund policy: 60 days unconditional
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Birt’s forward test

Settings: lot size 0.1
Started: 24.06.2014
Broker: PrivateFx
Account type: live, micro
Starting balance: $300
Current EA version: 1.15

FX Monetizer live forward test

Official account

Settings: lot size 0.2
Started: 04.01.2012
Broker: Synergy FX
Account type: live
Starting balance: $2500

FX Monetizer official Synergy FX live account