This article is obsolete and no longer maintained.
Trading style: scalping with a very tight trailing stop.
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: M5
Expert Advisor price: $277
License: 1 live account, 5 demo accounts; additional live licenses are $77
NFA compliance: full
Refund policy: 30 days, conditioned by the robot failing to produce profits
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Note: this EA seems to be extremely sensitive to spread, commission and probably slippage. Its performance will vary greatly from a broker to another and I would only recommend running it on brokers with extremely good spreads and execution, coupled with a low commission.

Birt’s forward test

Settings: default, MaximumRisk 1.0 (due to the 10k lot size; the normal, recommended setting is 0.1)
Started: 13.11.2011
Stopped: 12.05.2012 (extremely poor performance lead to a drawdown of over 50% and it’s quite clear that it has no hope of ever recovering)
Broker: PrivateFx
Account type: live, micro
Starting balance: $300

Orange Forex Robot live forward test

Official account

Settings: default
Started: 01.11.2011
Broker: RoboForex
Account type: live
Starting balance: $2000

Orange Forex Robot official RoboForex live forward test