A new Tick Data Suite version was released today and I am happy to inform you that Italian, Hungarian and Romanian translations are now available. Other languages will be added this year; expect to see some of them very soon such as Chinese, Russian and German.

The Dukascopy symbols were also updated: a bunch of new symbols became available – most notably BTCUSD and some US stock symbols – and the starting date was adjusted for several existing symbols as data further in the past became available.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, you will be glad to hear that it is now possible to download data directly from the Bitcoin Charts repository.

The new version also includes some optimizations that reduce memory usage during backtesting together with a slight improvement of the MT4 start-up time. Even more, the internal tick control routines were optimized to provide a speed boost during backtests.

The live execution simulation has been made available in the Open prices only and Control points model models so if desired pending orders and SL/TP hits can now be executed at the price that triggered them.

There are quite a few other changes, improvements and fixes – for the full details of what changed in v2.2.12 and v2.2.13 please visit the changelog.