This page is obsolete and no longer maintained.

I decided to create this page because there are EAs that I like and that seem to have potential, yet I can’t or won’t write full featured reviews of them due to various reasons. In most cases, it is because they can’t be properly backtested and since backtesting is more or less the foundation of my reviews, it would only add up to an article without a solid base.

Speaking of that, some people believe that I am relying too much on backtesting, but in fact I only use it as an indicator of an EA’s behavior and as a measure to configure its settings (such as risk) without a potentially painful trial and error process. A better “measure” of an EA lays in the forward test that I am attaching to each review, but then again that’s also merely past results so an EA with a good forward test will not always mean equally good results in the future (although it usually does).

I digress, so let me get back to the purpose of this watchlist page and the idea behind it. Mainly, what I will be posting here will be EAs that I come across and find interesting. Most of them will have a live forward test of my own because as the name of the page implies, these EAs are something that I want to keep an eye on. Some of them might even get an in-depth review in the future.

I figured that you might also find these EAs interesting and you would perhaps want to keep them under observation as well, so I’m going to try to make it easier by grouping them all together on this page. Sure, I will be affiliated with most of the EAs that you find here, but that is by no means a direct recommendation to buy them. Like I said, they’re simply EAs that aroused my interest and that I want to keep an eye on. Should you wish to buy any of them, please use your best judgment and carefully consider all the available data.

As with my regular, full-featured reviews, I will try to be fully transparent and I will attempt to expose the good parts as well as the bad parts of each EA. But let’s get to the actual list before this page becomes more an article and less a list.

Harvester v2

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