This article is obsolete and no longer maintained.
Trading style: trades price impulse retracements (somewhat like Million Dollar Pips).
Currency pairs: EURUSD (actually supports any other pair with low spread that is susceptible to similar price spikes – such as GBPUSD or USDJPY – but the default settings have to be changed)
Timeframe: M1
Price: $997/year (€730); an IB deal is available with selected brokers, priced at $256/year (€189)
License: 3 live accounts (the full license)
NFA compliance: yes
Refund policy: 30 days, special conditions; read the product website for more information
Read more at the SteadyOnFx website

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Note: this EA requires a very good setup – an ECN broker with great execution conditions and a VPS that has a low ping to the broker. Be sure to read the disclaimer on the product website as it offers a good insight into what to expect and what not to expect from the EA.

Birt’s forward test

Settings: default, risk 2.0, spread compensation on, timeframe M1
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Started: 25.06.2012
Ended: 03.06.2014 (by vendor request)
Broker: PrivateFx
Account type: live, micro
Starting balance: $300
Current version:

NumberOne live forward test

Official account

Settings: unspecified
Started: 11.07.2011
Account type: live
Starting balance: €1000
Notes: on 27.08.2012 this forward test has been discontinued because the freeze level and stop level on FxPrimus have been increased. It was resumed on 17.01.2013

NumberOne official FXPRIMUS live account

Settings: unspecified
Started: 19.06.2012
Broker: ILQ
Account type: live
Starting balance: $1890

NumberOne official ILQ live account

Settings: unspecified
Started: 18.01.2012
Account type: live
Deposits: €2997.00

NumberOne friend's FXPRIMUS live account