This article is obsolete and no longer maintained.
Trading style: grid limited to 3 trades, with the entries at 60 pips distance from each other, operating in an average-down style; it has a seemingly dynamic TP (10 pips overall in grid mode) and it also has an internal SL somewhere between 200-225 pips. It is possible to configure the maximum percentage of the account that is at risk.
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Timeframe: H1
Price: $399
License: 1 live account (for the $399 license; 2 live accounts package available for $719; 4 live accounts package available for $1355)
NFA compliance: yes
Refund policy: none
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Note: this EA is based on a signal service.

Birt’s forward test

Settings: default, Risk_Percent 20
Started: 25.06.2012
Stopped: 30.11.2012 (the system has not traded for over 3 months and the vendor is no longer responding to emails)
Broker: PrivateFx
Account type: live, micro
Starting balance: $300
Current version: 4.1

FxPapa live forward test

Official account

Settings: default
Started: 16.11.2011
Broker: IBFX
Account type: live
Starting balance: $200

FxPapa official IBFX live account


Since this is a signal-based EA, backtesting is obviously not possible. The vendor has however posted a backtest in the Live Test section of the product website.