Tick Data Suite v2.2.1 is a new beta version that is now available for download. It has a bunch of major new features:

  • It is now possible to download tick data from Alpari. If you have an Alpari account, you can even select the particular server that your account is on.
  • Tick data can also be downloaded from histdata.com.
  • Execution delay slippage can be simulated.

There are also other new features worth mentioning:

  • Pending orders (including SL/TP) can be configured to execute at the price that triggered them. Enabling this will ensure that your orders can no longer execute in the middle of a gap.
  • As part of the spring cleaning, tick data that is no longer needed can be safely deleted by means of a new specialized dialog. You can also use the same dialog to inspect the tick data that you have in your repository for a given symbol.
  • Another spring cleaning feature is a new dialog that allows the deletion of HST files for GMT and DST configurations that are no longer needed. Since these can take quite a lot of disk space and they are automatically created whenever they are needed, it’s safe to delete most of them.
  • It is possible to manually initiate a data rescan for a single symbol in case you have any issues with the data.

Many other improvements and fixes were included in this version – a full list is available on the changelog page.

The beta version is available to all users with an active support plan as well as to the users with a trial license. However, if you’re new to the Tick Data Suite and you’re trying it out I recommend using the latest stable version unless you really need some of the new features.

Finally, please note that this is a beta version and even though it was tested extensively, it is entirely possible that it may still have issues. If you find any problems please report them via the Tick Data Suite support assistant or via the online support form.