Tick Data Suite 2.3 beta has just been launched. We’re excited to bring you some significant changes that will positively impact most of our subscribers:

    • The premium tick data is now hosted using a content delivery network with over 100 edge locations, delivered from multiple lightning-fast SSD-based edge storage points. This should ensure much faster download speeds and more reliability when accessing the data.

      At this time, the sources available for download from the CDN are Dukascopy, Darwinex, TrueFx, and FxOpen. However, we are working on adding more sources in the near future.

    • Besides tick data exports, bar data can now also be exported using command line parameters. This is a great way to automate your exports if you need to use bar data in another application or for further analysis.

    • Tick data can also be imported using command line parameters. This is useful if you want to automate importing your own tick data that you want to with Tick Data Suite. You can find more information on importing data in our knowledge base.

    • The TrueFx data is now available in BFC format. This should greatly increase the download speed and remove the 1-month increments that were previously necessary when downloading.

Other than the new added features, we’ve also made some changes and fixed some issues. You can read the full Changelog for more information.