Tick Data Suite beta version 2.2.44 brings the ability to use Heikin-Ashi in your backtest and more importantly a very significant increase in the Dukascopy download speeds.

This increase is brought by the fact that the mirror servers now store a copy of the data using the proprietary internal Tick Data Suite compression format, split into segments that span a whole day, as opposed to 24 separate files per day in the regular Dukascopy storage format. Furthermore, the servers hold different copies of the data and the default Tick Data Manager configuration (Remove duplicate ticks enabled, Store volume disabled) will benefit even more by downloading smaller versions of the files.

Depending on the selected configuration and download location, all these changes can result in a speed increase of 5 up to 10 times.

There is, however, a downside to this: it is no longer possible to download data for the current day because it is processed after midnight. In addition, the data for the previous day only becomes available a few hours after the day ended.