A new Tick Data Suite beta version is available – v2.1.5.0 – which adds several new features:

  • It’s now possible to export data to CSV files. Dukascopy and NinjaTrader are available as predefined export formats and it’s also possible to export using a custom format.
  • Optimization speed has been improved by using an FXT file as cache. The FXT file gets written to the disk during the first optimization pass while subsequent passes read data from the file directly, bypassing the need to decompress data for every pass. Naturally, this option requires enough space on your disk to write the FXT which can be several GB in size depending on the symbol and date range configured. This option is enabled by default.
  • Tick Data Suite is now backwards compatible – FXT files created by CSV2FXT or similar scripts such as the Renko and range bar scripts from az-invest.eu. This is an option meant for advanced users and must be enabled from the Tick data settings dialog.
  • FXT files can now be saved during regular backtests and later reused. Since reusing such an FXT file supersedes most of the configured options, this is also an option meant for advanced users.
  • The default values listed in the Tick Data Settings dialog are now read from the account that the MT4 terminal is currently using. In previous versions, a static set of defaults was used that would get replaced with the account defaults after the first backtest for the symbol.

The beta version is available on the downloads page and can be tested by all customers with an active support plan. Trial licenses also work fine with it.