Tick Data Suite v2.2.9 adds the ability to use the downloaded tick data even when backtesting using the Control points or Open prices only models.

If the Use tick data checkbox is enabled and one of these models is selected, instead of using the available Metatrader 4 history to generate the backtest data, the history generated from the downloaded tick data will be used. The GMT and DST of the data will be those configured in the Tick data settings dialog. If it is the first time a backtest is run on the selected symbol using the selected GMT & DST configuration, a delay will be experienced at the start of the backtest during which the history will be generated from the tick data; while this happens, the progress bar will fill up and a message will be displayed, similarly to the Every tick model backtests.

In addition, many of the settings in the Tick data settings dialog are also applied to the Control points or Open prices only model backtests when the Use tick data checkbox is enabled. There are a few exceptions, though and the controls for these will be disabled when one of the two models is selected – most notably, variable spread and slippage will not be available.

This feature is currently in beta testing.