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At last, another EA that doesn’t involve scalping. Made by a British couple (and when I say couple, I mean that they seem to be husband and wife), it’s an EA that has a somewhat strange mode of operation. Some of the customers suggest on Donna’s forum that it should have been named Losealot, but I [...]

Forex Equity Builder

An EURCHF M5 martingale scalper EA that trades 24/5… A somewhat original concept compared to the others out there. Normally, most EAs (if not all) that use martingale will make your account vanish sooner or later, but before I make any assumption let’s see if that holds true with FX Equity [...]

FX Nitro

This is a newer EA, launched in the first half of September 2009. It ships with a bonus EA called FX Nitro Low Frequency and a Forex Trading Ebook, which is a rather useless PDF written for the total Forex newbie. Less than 1 month after version 1.0 was launched, we already have version 2.79. [...]
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