Using Metatrader 5 tick data in Metatrader 4 backtesting

Using the latest Tick Data Suite version it is possible to import data from CSV files. This enables using a variety of data sources that can export to such a format and particularly Metatrader 5, which can prove to be a good opportunity for people with live MT4 accounts at brokers that also have MT5 servers - the tick data collected by the broker can be exported from MT5 and used in MT4 backtesting.

The Tick Data Suite can now import custom tick data

The new Tick Data Suite beta version adds the ability to import custom tick data. The whole import process relies on automatic detection that can handle everything starting from the symbol name and digits and ending with the actual format of the file being imported. Even the GMT and DST of the imported data can be automatically identified, making it very easy to import data from other applications (such as Metatrader 5) and use it in your MT4 backtests.