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Caspian EA

I figure the name is related to the author being in relatively close proximity to the shore of the Caspian sea, which also explains the Arabic language featured everywhere on the site. The EA is a scalper and it’s actually two EAs, one for EURGBP and the other for EURCHF. Some investigation quickly [...]


A rather uninspired name at the first glance, turns out to be taken from some “Fau 2” German rocket created in WW2. Perhaps I might be lacking the background, but to be entirely honest I’m not a very big fan of world wars, much less their exact history and event dates, while at the same time [...]

FX Nitro

This is a newer EA, launched in the first half of September 2009. It ships with a bonus EA called FX Nitro Low Frequency and a Forex Trading Ebook, which is a rather useless PDF written for the total Forex newbie. Less than 1 month after version 1.0 was launched, we already have version 2.79. [...]
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