Darwinex tick data

The new Tick Data Suite beta (v2.2.26, released 28.03.2019) adds the ability to download Darwinex tick data from an eareview.net server exclusively available to users with an active subscription.

FxOpen tick data now available in TDS

Tick Data Suite v2.2.23 beta offers the possibility to download FxOpen tick data from an eareview.net server exclusively available to users with an active subscription.

More Tick Data Suite features

2.2.16 is a Tick Data Suite beta version that brings a lot of new translations (Russian, German, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Czech and Slovak) and downloading tick data from the Rannforex repository, in addition to several fixes and minor improvements. This version almost included downloading tick data from the Gain Capital (forex.com) repository but due to several issues in their storage scheme the feature was scrapped for the time being, at least until they put some order in their data.

Improving the speed of your tick data backtests and optimizations

Tick data backtests are typically slower than regular MT4 backtests, but the backtesting speed is typically something that can be improved. This article aims to provide a few tips that will assist an EA developer with optimizing their backtesting setup and their EA code for backtesting.

TDS2 review video and usage guide

The guys from Autotrading Academy prepared a video review about the Tick Data Suite 2 that also doubles as a very nice usage guide.

Tick Data Suite v2 released

Tick Data Suite v2 is now available as a public release.
The update is free for all users with an active support plan.

Tick Data Suite v2 public beta

Tick Data Suite v2 is now ready for public beta testing; it has been rewritten from scratch and in the process it received a quantity of new features larger than can be described without giving you a headache.
To keep things short, now it has an integrated downloader, a centralized data repository and it no longer needs CSV files or even FXT files that take large amounts of space on your disk.
On top of that, tick data backtesting is now conveniently available in the MT4 backtest UI: enabling it is as easy as activating a checkbox while all the backtest configuration is performed by means of a user-friendly settings dialog available in the same place.