Rimantas and Justin from Autotrading Academy prepared a video review about the Tick Data Suite 2 that also doubles as a very nice usage guide – not only does it showcase the new features, but it also does a great job of explaining how to use them.

They have an instructional webinar series about trading – if you’re interested to learn more about creating trading strategies for MT4 really fast, I suggest you check out the webinars they are holding which feature their fascinating “Machine Gun” approach to strategy creation, a method that does not require programming skills. Their webinars are also offering very useful insight into profitable algorithmic trading and featuring a Tick Data Suite hands-on section. Take a look at the webinar schedule if you think this might be up your alley.

They also updated their MT4 backtesting guide, a step-by-step guide for installing the Tick Data Suite and MT4 and getting started with tick data backtesting.

Anyway, getting back to the movie, it’s around 20 minute long and it might be of interest to you even if you are already using the Tick Data Suite v2 because it goes into detail about some of the options: