A few months ago I decided to discontinue PrivateFX, a step that has already been performed in June. Running it has been too expensive and it seems that people don’t really care about live forward tests versus demo forward tests so there is as good as no upside. In the long run, when drawing a line I was losing money due to the ongoing costs. As such, I’ve decided to switch to demo accounts just like all the other sites that deal with EA testing. As an apropos, note that if you see “live accounts” mentioned anywhere on the web by websites that run EA forward tests, they’re in all likelihood demo accounts and I wouldn’t believe they were live unless they were myfxbook verified. To the best of my knowledge, my site was the only one running a large portfolio of EA tests on actual money.

Anyway, these being said, the EA Top will be reorganized during the next few weeks. I am already in the process of developing a new formula that takes into account the number of days of activity for each EA instead of the number of weeks in test because EAs that trade less often have a clear advantage with the latter approach. This means a rather large effort in setting up the data gathering process and unfortunately, since I have no such data for the existing EAs, it also means that the current forward tests will not be part of the new EA Top. In any case, it wouldn’t make much sense seeing that most of them were running on PrivateFX and have been stopped already.

For the time being, I’ve decided to run most of my forward tests on FXOpen. If you’re interested to know why, I’ve written a few words about my reasons for using FXOpen. During the next couple of weeks, most of the forward tests will be relocated and some of them will be completely stopped.

Finally, I’ve already started to add a few new forward tests and given the fact that I am now using demo accounts and actual money are no longer involved, I will forward test pretty much anything so I would expect seeing a lot more EAs showing up on the website in the future. Also, I’ve admittedly been neglecting social websites in the past and it’s part of my plan for the future to keep up on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.