New turn

Some significant changes are brewing: PrivateFX was phased out while FXOpen is replacing it as the brokerage of choice for forward tests; demo accounts are - unfortunately - replacing live accounts but the upside is that this leaves room for adding more forward tests in the future. The EA top is also undergoing a complete overhaul and the current version is paused for a few weeks.

New beginnings

Tick Data Suite release, tick data section revamp, social networking

The Tick Data Suite is now available for purchasing or trying out, occasion that prompts a scrutiny of the changes that eareview has undergone recently: the complete remodel of the tick data section and the addition of a Facebook and a Google+ page.

Season’s greetings

Holiday season greetings and some general advice about Forex trading (or rather not trading) during this period.

Autumn Forex robot round-up

Miscellaneous news about the Expert Advisor Top, the Watchlist and some other updates to

Brokerage interlude

The Grid Trading Course

Times change…