Random thoughts about misc stuff, generally not related to any particular EA.

New turn

Some significant changes are brewing: PrivateFX was phased out while FXOpen is replacing it as the brokerage of choice for forward tests; demo accounts are - unfortunately - replacing live accounts but the upside is that this leaves room for adding more forward tests in the future. The EA top is also undergoing a complete overhaul and the current version is paused for a few weeks.

New beginnings

If you were wondering what’s up with the lack of eareview updates, it’s merely because I’ve had to deal with a constant lack of time during the past few months. There are several EAs that have sparked my attention during this period and their vendors were quite forthcoming but unfortunately I have [...]

Tick Data Suite release, tick data section revamp, social networking

The Tick Data Suite is now available for purchasing or trying out, occasion that prompts a scrutiny of the changes that eareview has undergone recently: the complete remodel of the tick data section and the addition of a Facebook and a Google+ page.

Season’s greetings

Holiday season greetings and some general advice about Forex trading (or rather not trading) during this period.

Autumn Forex robot round-up

Miscellaneous news about the Expert Advisor Top, the Watchlist and some other updates to eareview.net.

Brokerage interlude

With the growing popularity of Million Dollar Pips, broker performance seems to come up at every other comment and there are a few things that not many people know, things that should be very relevant when trading such an EA. A quick glance at the ECN innards First of all, most brokers (probably [...]

The Grid Trading Course

When it comes to grid trading, I am generally very skeptical. Like most people, I associate grid EAs with crashed Forex accounts so when I heard about the Grid Trading Course I was wondering whether it’s yet another scam or if there’s anything to it, so I decided to contact the author and ask some [...]

The Expert Advisor Top and other changes

I intend to apply a host of changes to Birt’s EA Review, first of which is the Expert Advisor Top that will let you compare the performance of different systems in live forward testing (as opposed to demo). I was constantly asked “which is the best EA” and I’ve never been able to give a definite [...]

How to profit from the Automated Trading Championship

Unless you’ve been living in a gap (for lack of a better Forex equivalent of a cave), you already know about the MQL Championship. Nevertheless, I’m going to go ahead and write a few words about it just in case – I bet there will be an occasional reader who has no idea what I’m talking about. There [...]

Times change…

…and we must change with them or risk being trampled under the great hoofs of the ages. Now that sounds dramatic. Speaking of time, when I started this blog almost one year ago, little did I know of the time investment required to post and operate it. I was attempting to be some kind of knight in [...]
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