FxPapa live forward test

Trading style: grid limited to 3 trades, with the entries at 60 pips distance from each other, operating in an average-down style; it has a seemingly dynamic TP (10 pips overall in grid mode) and it also has an internal SL. It is possible to configure the maximum percentage of the account that is at risk. The EA is actually a signal service.
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Timeframe: H1
Price: $399

Forex Envy live forward test

Trading style: opens positions both long and short in a grid style, using martingale and creating a trade basket for each pair; the basket is closed when a target profit is reached.
Timeframe: M30
Price: $379 + $39 quarterly
License: 3 live, 3 demo accounts

The Grid Trading Course

Genial Invest live forward test

Trading style: basket of several concurrent trades with large SL & TP and an average duration of 2 days. According to the author, it's a mix of 80% automated trading and 20% manual. The manual input consists in increasing trade direction probability based on high impact news such as the economical issues of Greece or the USA. The trade entry & exit is fully managed by the EA, which looks for trendlines & support/resistance levels.
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: any
Expert Advisor price: 30% of the profits it generates
Note: this is an EA that trades based on signals coming from a server.

Forex Gold Trader live forward test

Trading style: trades with a fixed TP in the direction of the underlying Gold trend. Multiple concurrent trades are possible, grid-style. No SL, so most likely problematic if the trend changes.
Currency pairs: XAUUSD (Gold)
Timeframe: H1
Expert Advisor price: $149

Kangaroo EA

Forex Hacked

Forex Equity Builder