As many of you have observed, since Friday (12th of October 2018) Dukascopy started enforcing some download rate limitations on their tick data repository server. The immediate result of this in the Tick Data Manager was the failure to download data from Dukascopy, the download tasks being aborted after receiving several HTTP 503 Server Unavailable errors. Unfortunately, so far it looks like the enforced limitations are there to stay, even though they also affect their own data download web application where you used to be able to download a day worth of tick data at a time, application which now ungracefully hangs at some point during the download.

The new Tick Data Suite version released today (v2.2.17) adheres to the rate limits enforced on the Dukascopy server which means that after you update you will once more be able to download data from Dukascopy, although the download speed will be much, much slower than before.

I am already working on a solution to work around this limitation and I expect to have this functionality released in a beta version before the end of October but sadly in the meantime the Dukascopy downloads will have to run at the snail pace they have set.

Other than the change regarding Dukascopy downloads, this version includes compatibility with MT4 build 1127 available starting yesterday from some brokers, of course in addition to all the new features from the previous beta version.