The latest Tick Data Suite beta version – v2.2.41 – brings a whole bunch of new features. Among these can be found:

  • More Renko bar types: custom, Median, Turbo, Hybrid, PointO etc.
  • Range bar simulation.
  • Tick bar simulation.
  • The ability to export tick data using command line parameters, which allows creating shortcuts or batch files that can be used for repetitive data exports.
  • Symbol search capabilities have been added to the Tick Data Manager as well as to the Tick data settings dialog. In addition, it’s now possible to use a filter for the Tick Data Manager symbol list.
  • The H4 and D1 bars can now be shifted by a customizable amount of hours, allowing them to be brought in line with some non-standard symbol setups (for instance H4 bars starting at 1AM).
  • Some new export fields were added such as the unix timestamp or total volume for tick data and the bar end date/time as well as the bar timestamp for bar data. In addition, it is now possible to import CSV files that use a unix timestamp for the time field, something that should be detected automatically just like the other time formats.

This version includes a few other minor fixes and improvements, please take a look at the Changelog for the full details.