Since the initial release of the Tick Data Suite in 2011, the price has remained unchanged but as we’re migrating to a new merchant of record we will also undertake some changes in the pricing scheme as well as in the licensing model.

First of all, since we’re located in Europe our pricing will be based on the Euro instead of the US Dollar as it was until now. The following prices will apply starting from the 1st of April 2021:

  • Monthly plan – 89 EUR initially, followed by a monthly subscription of 9.9 EUR (starting one month after the purchase).
  • Yearly plan – 174 EUR initially, followed by an yearly subscription of 94.9 EUR (starting one year after the purchase).
  • Lifetime plan – 449 EUR once, no further subscription charges.
  • Updating an expired subscription to a monthly plan – 34.9 EUR initially, followed by the same 9.9 EUR/month charges.
  • Updating an expired subscription to a yearly plan – 119.9 EUR initially, followed by the same 94.9 EUR/year charges.
  • Updating an expired subscription to a lifetime plan – 374.9 EUR once.

Of course, no changes will apply to the existing subscriptions which will all remain priced at the amount set when purchasing.

Furthermore, until today we’ve had a licensing policy that would allow each subscription to cover up to 5 licenses for personal use, licenses that could be purchased at a discount. Unfortunately, many people saw fit to abuse this policy by purchasing as a group in order to benefit from the discount and the shared subscription (periodic or lifetime) which is a violation of the EULA. After careful consideration, we decided we will no longer offer this option. Our time is better spent improving the product instead of hunting down such group purchases, taking action and spending endless hours in conversation with people that claim our findings are not true in spite of the evidence gathered.

As such, we will no longer offer this licensing facility; from now on each license will have its own subscription, no matter if it is monthly, yearly or lifetime. Just to illustrate, starting from the 1st of April 2021 if you purchase two monthly plans each of them will have its own monthly subscription priced at 9.9 EUR each, totalling 18.8 EUR per month.

Naturally, all licenses that were purchased prior to this change will keep operating as per the terms agreed upon. If you have multiple licenses covered by a single subscription, this will function just as it did before: the subscription will still cover the same number of licenses. However, if your subscription is cancelled and you wish to restore it at a later time you will have to get a separate subscription for each license. Similarly, if you wish to add a new license it will have to have its own subscription.

In case your old subscription gets inadvertently cancelled (for instance due to an expired credit card) we will assist you with restoring it just like we did before; all you need to do is contact us within a week of the cancellation.