Forex Combo System forward test

Trading style: incorporates four strategies - scalper, breakout, reversal, euro-range - in one EA, see the Forex Combo System review and the review update for more information.
Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
Price: $99

REV Trader Pro

Trading style: trades reversals in baskets of up to three orders, with about equal average pips per trade won and lost. Uses a trailing stop to exit.
Timeframe: H1
Price: $697

Keltner Pro

Trading style: trades Keltner channel reversals using baskets with limited amount of trades. It has a good amount of average pips (30+), the positions are entered at bar open and they feature a dynamic stop loss and take profit.
Timeframe: M15/M5
Price: $499

Forex Combo System revisited – version 3.0

It's been over one year since the launch of Forex Combo System and its live performance has been very good in spite of the hard times many Forex trading strategies have been through. Forex Combo System has proven to be a very solid expert advisor and ever since the inception of the EA Top, it managed to always hold a good spot. Out of all the Forex robots that have seen the the reader's browsers on my website, it is probably the most steadily profitable system. Even though it seemed to need nothing more to be a truly versatile automated Forex strategy, the vendor shows us that the system is still being improved: the ending month of the year brought an unexpected gift to all its users, a new major version that incorporates a whole new strategy, bringing the total count to four different strategies in a single product, rivaling an EA portfolio.

Forex Winning Solution live forward test

Trading style: reversal system with dynamic SL/TP and a trailing stop.
Currency pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M30
Expert Advisor price: $30/month

Forex Combo System