Outdated reviews

Ancient articles written before eareview.net became an affiliate site.

Sir Lancelot

Part of a rather large EA family by the same author, all of them named after various characters and story elements from the legend of King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table, Sir Lancelot is an EA that attempts to capture trend movements. Just like the Lancelot character in the story had [...]


At last, another EA that doesn’t involve scalping. Made by a British couple (and when I say couple, I mean that they seem to be husband and wife), it’s an EA that has a somewhat strange mode of operation. Some of the customers suggest on Donna’s forum that it should have been named Losealot, but I [...]

Caspian EA

I figure the name is related to the author being in relatively close proximity to the shore of the Caspian sea, which also explains the Arabic language featured everywhere on the site. The EA is a scalper and it’s actually two EAs, one for EURGBP and the other for EURCHF. Some investigation quickly [...]

Forex Hacked

What a lame name for an EA. As if there was anything to hack about the forex market. To me, it’s pretty much screaming “bullshit”. It’s using a “call home” protection scheme, by which the server authenticates the user and the account that must be associated with the customer’s user in the client [...]


A rather uninspired name at the first glance, turns out to be taken from some “Fau 2” German rocket created in WW2. Perhaps I might be lacking the background, but to be entirely honest I’m not a very big fan of world wars, much less their exact history and event dates, while at the same time [...]


Hey, that’s a rather cool name for an EA… This is an advisor used in a very closed community called by its owner a “room” (which used to be of 25 people but which number I suspect may have decreased as of the date of this writing), so this review is dedicated to a very limited audience. I hope they [...]


Hailing from Mother Russia, a scalper that strikes me as peculiar, to say the least. The minute I run it, I get a ton of gibberish comments on my screen. Turns out it has a language parameter which defaults to Russian and which you must change to English, unless you understand Russian and have a [...]

Forex Equity Builder

An EURCHF M5 martingale scalper EA that trades 24/5… A somewhat original concept compared to the others out there. Normally, most EAs (if not all) that use martingale will make your account vanish sooner or later, but before I make any assumption let’s see if that holds true with FX Equity [...]

FX Nitro

This is a newer EA, launched in the first half of September 2009. It ships with a bonus EA called FX Nitro Low Frequency and a Forex Trading Ebook, which is a rather useless PDF written for the total Forex newbie. Less than 1 month after version 1.0 was launched, we already have version 2.79. [...]

FAP Turbo

I guess there’s no better way to start this blog than reviewing the widely known FAP Turbo. Rumored to have sold in excess of 43000 copies (together with FAP Turbo Evolution, which is meant to be run on the Dukascopy JForex platform), it’s most certainly leading the best seller EA top by far. Come [...]
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