Now that winter is upon (some of) us, it’s time for some Forex rant by the fireplace. Since I seem to have an acute lack of a fireplace, I decided to write this while playing on my other screen. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long enough and what’s more sad is that it produced no considerable amount of heat, which would’ve been very welcome.

Getting to the actual Forex-related matters which are in fact specific to, several months ago I mentioned preparing a periodic sum-up of the forward tests, but I eventually decided to give up the idea and simply write a post once in a while with general site news.

In the past few months, I kept adding expert advisors that I found to be worthwhile to the EA Top and to my increasingly growing list of forward tests. Some of them did good and are well into profits, some of them are unprofitable for the time being and I’ve even had an account that went boom.

The addition of the EA Top to the website makes my old Watchlist page completely obsolete in all respects. On top of that, the Watchlist seems to be doomed: the three EAs that I added there turned out to be quite unprofitable so far. Both PipRider and Forex Morning Trade were doing great but started performing poorly as soon as I wrote about them and pretty much the same happened with Harvester v2 but it should be mentioned that I wrote about this one when it was launched 🙂

I folded the Watchlist articles into the live forward tests category and will keep the accounts running for the time being.

What I would like to ask you is to give me some feedback – what would you like to see next to each live forward test article? Not everything is doable, but I will definitely not shy away from implementing ideas that I like. If you have something in mind, feel free to post in the comments section of this article.

Getting back to the topic of emails and newsletters, please bear in mind that further live forward test articles posted on will still not get sent by email. I feel the volume is a bit too large (there are quite a few new EAs per month) and I don’t want anyone to feel bombarded. If you wish to keep up with the new automated systems that are being added, either bookmark the home page and visit often or simply subscribe to the RSS feed or to the Atom feed. As yet another alternative, you can follow me on Twitter – all the posts are automatically tweeted there.

Right now the EA Top page has over 35 entries and it’s still growing, while the EAs continue to ascend or descend depending on their performance. Many robots seem to have gone through a very rough period during the second part of the summer, likely due to the global economic instability, but things seem to have gotten slightly better in autumn and many of the expert advisors are already out of their drawdowns or well on the track to getting back up. Since this post is meant as a newsletter, I will list the additions to the EA Top since its inception for the people who did not follow it closely:

Of the robots that I wrote a full review of, all are still running in the EA Top except Forex Megabot which was removed in spite of its very good performance because it is no longer possible to buy it. The forward test for the latter still runs but it is no longer a part of the top. Those that remain are:

As before, please continue contacting me and suggesting EAs – I always look into the expert advisors that get pointed out to me, but it usually takes a while for me to reply because figuring out whether a system is a scam or not is typically not a 5 minute thing and it’s usually not my first priority. Speaking of which, I will try to place more emphasis on the No Review List and keep it updated with all the robots that I inspect and decide to stay away from, but I’m afraid it’s a task of a rather large magnitude, seeing that there’s quite a ton of them and sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on what’s wrong with a particular system.

To wrap this up, I’d like to thank all the faithful readers of the site. Whether you are subscribed to the newsletter or not, you keep me motivated! 🙂