Articles that feature a full review of an EA.

Forex Combo System revisited – version 3.0

It's been over one year since the launch of Forex Combo System and its live performance has been very good in spite of the hard times many Forex trading strategies have been through. Forex Combo System has proven to be a very solid expert advisor and ever since the inception of the EA Top, it managed to always hold a good spot. Out of all the Forex robots that have seen the the reader's browsers on my website, it is probably the most steadily profitable system. Even though it seemed to need nothing more to be a truly versatile automated Forex strategy, the vendor shows us that the system is still being improved: the ending month of the year brought an unexpected gift to all its users, a new major version that incorporates a whole new strategy, bringing the total count to four different strategies in a single product, rivaling an EA portfolio.

Forex WindFall

Sometimes I picture the Forex investor as a sailing ship drifting through an everlasting night on perpetual stormy waters. Each wave that strikes it is a scam EA, there are waves everywhere as far as the eye can see and the storm is unrelenting. Once in a while there’s a lifesaver lighthouse, an EA [...]

Wallstreet Forex Robot

The review of a scalper EA that's not limited to the Asian session, opening positions around the clock with a fairly profitable outcome.

Forex Real Profit EA

I must admit I am not a huge fan of scalpers in general and I’m even less attracted to pre-Asian session scalpers due to the liquidity problems that can be observed during that time of the day, problems that are often reflected into widened spread, slippage and requotes. I guess my adversity is [...]

Forex Growth Bot

Many of you will have heard of this EA already. I’ve been asked to review it numerous times and taking a look at its homepage and stats surely got my attention. So, I’ve mailed the author and promptly received a reply with a review copy attached, but I’m a bit ashamed to say that writing this [...]

EuroRise (former EURClimber)

During the past few months, after I decided to become an affiliate of the EAs I review, I started to receive quite a few invitations to write articles about automated Forex systems. As you can probably guess, I’ve had to turn down most of them, but here we are now, looking at one that I believe to [...]

Kangaroo EA

About a month ago, several readers contacted me and pointed out Kangaroo EA. I must admit it stirred my curiosity at the time, even though it only had a forward test and some general info, so I followed it kind of closely and contacted the author about it. As it turns out, the developer extensively [...]

Forex Megabot

Although it sounds like a cousin of the by now famous Megadroid, I’m being assured they’re not related in any way, other than the fact that both of them are Asian session scalpers. You’re perhaps wondering why would I write a review about yet another scalper when there are so many scalpers out [...]

Forex Combo System

As the title suggests, this is a system that consists of several subsystems, three to be more precise. The description that would best fit it would be “three separate EAs merged into one”. As you will probably conclude yourself after some further reading, despite the uh… rather uninspired title, [...]
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